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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Shacking Up Series

  Shacking Up (Shacking Up, #1)Shacking Up by Helena Hunting
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This is just the humor that I needed. Sometimes I just need a little humor to break up my reading. Ruby needed a place to crash because she was going to lose her apartment. So her friend has the perfect solution, she will move in Bancroft and pet sit for him. They began to fall for each other while talking on the phone during his trip. 

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480 Pages

Book 2: Hooking Up

Amalie is at her wedding reception when her whole world falls apart. This book also had some funny moments through out the book that you could not help but laugh. When it first started I wasn't for sure that it would have any humor in it with the way that it started. 

444 Pages

Book 1.5: Getting Down

Just a little additional book into the Halloween party. During this book I just found myself wondering how Amalie couldn't see that he wasn't the right guy for her. Why would she keep putting up with that stuff. 

160 Pages

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