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Monday, July 16, 2018


Something So Right by Natasha Madison (250 Pages) - Second chance romance book for a single mother of two kids. 

Delivery Girl by Lily Kate (243 Pages) - Hockey player orders pizza and the delivery girl is just want he had been looking for. 

Capture (288 Pages), Keep (297 Pages), Steal (283 Pages) by Rachel Van Dyken - This series was about three famous Hollywood people and the path they take to find love. 

Lost Voices by Sarah Porter (291 Pages) - Luce becomes a mermaid because she has a rough life. This first book shows you the view of what mermaids are and how they live.

Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh (416 Pages) - Lane has to go back to her home because her brother got hurt. She has to face all her past that she was running away from for year.

Rescue Me (384 Pages), I Do (112 Pages) by Rachel Gibson - Sadie comes home and meets Vince on her first day back in town. Sadie was just going to be there for a day but her dad got sick, so she ended up staying longer. I Do is about Sadie's wedding and Becca's love story. Which is a good friend of Vince.

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