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Monday, April 2, 2018

The Girl Who Owned a City by O.T. Nelson

Summary: "A deadly plague has devastated Earth, killing all the adults. Lisa and her younger brother Todd are struggling to stay alive in a world where no one is safe. Other children along Grand Avenue need help as well. They band together to find food, shelter, and protection from dangerous gangs invading their neighborhood. When Tom Logan and his army start making threats, Lisa comes up with a plan and leads her group to a safer place. But how far is she willing to go to protect what's hers?" - Amazon

I found this book while searching for something to fit in the "read a book with a character who has your name" category in our book challenge, and the main protagonist is named Lisa!  I was even more excited when I realized that this book is a post-apocalyptic story for upper elementary to middle school age kids.

Lisa is a strong lead female character who uses her brain and ingenuity to help the kids in her neighborhood survive their new adultless world.  I really appreciated her unapologetic intelligence.  She is a leader and knows it.  That is extremely refreshing.

My only complaint isn't really a complaint; it's more a realization and fact.  This was written in the 1970s and there is a certain dated quality to the story.  It didn't detract from the plot or characters, but there was something off that I couldn't put my finger on until I looked to see when it was published.  I think it is most noticeable in the naivete of the other kids.  For example, Lisa is the only one on her street who dares to learn to drive her parents car.  It's hard to know how modern kids would react in a world without adults, but I don't think there would only be one driving around. :) 

Overall, I would put this in the category of novels I wish I'd found as a kid.  I enjoyed it as an adult, but pre-teen me would have eaten it up. It's unique and slightly dark without the gruesome qualities of many of today's post-apocalypse works.  And her name is Lisa. ;)


216 pages

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